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About Us

We all know someone that’s been affected by cancer.
In the UK alone, a new diagnosis is made every two minutes, that’s more than 720 new cases every day.

Against this backdrop, there is hope. Cancer survival rates have doubled in the last 40 years in the UK. Beat It Cancer is a charitable organisation with a sole aim – to help raise much-needed funds to help fight and treat all cancers.

We’re passionate about music. As a group of DJs, producers, and music lovers we know first-hand the passion and community spirit at the heart of the electronic music scene.

By tapping into the energy and vision of this dynamic culture, we’re aiming to spread the word to drive our fundraising mission.

We formed after a friend and fellow DJ that bonded us was diagnosed with an aggressive strain of cancer. To help raise funds for his treatments, we decided to host club nights and soon realised this simple model was a great foundation for a charity.

Sadly, Damion has now passed but his fun-loving spirit lives on, and Beat It Cancer will be part of his legacy, using the music and culture he loved to deliver good times whilst driving funds to a great cause.

You can follow all the latest news and insights through our social media channels.

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